If only we are brave enough to see it

If only we are brave enough to be it

Amanda Gorman. May you be the Maya Angelou of today’s generation. What a beautiful poem, and so well recited, on such a solemn occasion, with such pride and passion, and grace. May you achieve all that you strive for!

Take that Rupi Kaur. That was poetry. When the words emote, not jotting emotions in raw words.

I know I know – uncalled for. But it boils my blood when someone calls two lines of feels poetry. Poetry is not commerce. It can never be just that.

Anyways! It was a rather calm day. The joker is out, and a sensible man and his sensible wife sleep in the White House tonight. Good prevails.

I had a beautiful conversation with a colleague today. We talked about how forgiving life can be. And how we only learn about it when we experience it. And so it behooves us to take risks. It behooves us taste it to the fullest. And how sometimes people don’t realize it until it’s too late for them. Ships are not built to be anchored to the shore. They are built to ride the waves and face the storms. I absolutely love my conversations with this colleague. I hope my cheer helped him.

On another note, there is a part of me that is very sad and broken. A close friend is going through a divorce. It hurts me to see marriages break apart. Especially when there are kids involved. I don’t understand why we humans don’t believe in fixing things. A wise mentor in an inebriated state once shared a lesson for life – marriage is built on communication. If you can talk to your spouse about everything, nothing will come in your way. But the day you measure your words and mince them, you are inadvertently beginning to cheat. So true, and yet apparently not so simple.

I will be in this state for some time. I am always in the fixer camp. I don’t give up on people so easily. Even the ones who give up on me. May be that’s not such a good thing after all. May be that’s why I hold on to things. Because I don’t know how to part. Ironic, since I was made to part with my most precious gift so early in life.

Regardless, I know I am brave enough to see the good in everyone. Because I am also brave enough to be good to everyone. It’s my social experiment. We all know how this life ends, so might as well spend a lifetime experimenting and being brave enough to be good to everyone.

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