Time for change!

For some odd reason, I am really excited about tomorrow. Four years ago as a country we faced a very major setback. Tomorrow we’re going to reset ourselves. I understand that we have something of a Trump phenomenon in this country at the moment. And I also understand that this reset is not welcome by one and all. But democracy has announced its verdict, and just as we accepted a bitter truth four years ago, I hope our friends will too, and hopefully, we will all come together and recognize that there is but one truth. We as a nation failed colossally in last four years.

I am so thrilled about witnessing history tomorrow. But I am also cautious. We must give this new leadership team some time to get their bearings right. We must acknowledge how much they have to undo. And with patience and positive spirit we should welcome the new government.

In essence, what we celebrate tomorrow is the victory of good over evil. In so many ways tomorrow is a Diwali for the United States of America. And just like Diwali I expect fireworks. Just not the one’s I’d like. Tomorrow, I expect unrest. I expect a huge uproar. Perhaps some lives will also be lost. But history tells us that blood is shed when we change the course for the better.

There was never a better time to be a leader in this country. Just look at the opportunity ahead. Let’s start with the COVID Vaccine program. It is a moment for these leaders, young and old, Republican or Democrat, to decide how they want to lead, and why they want to lead.

I have very fond memories of President Obama‘s inauguration ceremony. I happened to be on a project in California. The sheer joy that we all experienced that day is still etched in my memory. I look forward to tomorrow evening with the same amount of joy. I expect a lot from my leaders. A bit too much for my own good. I expect our new leaders to take us from where we are to where we truly belong.

I plan to celebrate tomorrow and pop the champagne. I also have a menu decided because you don’t let moments like these just go by. I want Tara to know that we celebrate when Good wins over Evil. It’s Diwali tomorrow, whether you believe it or not.

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