Our bowl taxonomy

Our family reached a very important milestone. We have finalized our bowl taxonomy. Here’s what we go through every day –

Me – Hey Agam can you pass me the bowl

Agam – which bowl?

Me – flat one.

Agam – which one? The one that is deep and flat or the the one that is 6mm in diameter. (Ok I am exaggerating)

Me – never mind.

So we have defined

  1. Small bow
  2. Round bowl
  3. Flat bowl
  4. Bowl plates
  5. Deep bowl
  6. Big plate
  7. Plate
  8. Blue bowl
  9. Small plate

I am so happy about this because at least I will get what I ask for. In the meanwhile Tara cannot stop laughing at how meaningless this conversation is. I wonder some day if she will make her own bowl taxonomy.

You see, solving runs in our family 😉

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