Fleeting moments

On Saturday morning, I woke up just before dawn. The room was covered in hues of blue and gray. As I opened my eyes, they followed the contours of my wrist, and I realized that I curl my fingers when I sleep.

It was a very perfect moment, which I am finding extremely difficult to get past. It has become this frozen moment that I can repeat and relive at will. And I am pulled towards it again and again.
It had a very photogenic quality. I think I remember wanting to get up and capture it with a camera. A real one, not the phone.

In that perfect moment I thought of two things.One that I hold on to things, people, and moments for a long time. The curling fingers were a symbol of my wanting to keep it all together and with me. And the second that I am beginning to enjoy ‘moments’ more than I ever did before.

Like the moment Tara and I were laying on the bed, sharing the same pillow, and I looked at her from so close her eyes smiling at me, made me want to cry with joy. Yet another moment, frozen in time.

Or for that moment when I was talking to someone over Zoom, and I could feel their eyes smiling wider than their lips. Perhaps because of my animated story telling skills, or because we were just glad to be talking after a long time.

These fleeting moments are plenty, but few are as precious. Why not enjoy them while they are still fresh in my memory. May be we can curl them up in my fingers too, and hold on to them when I sleep.

Cheers to fleeting moments. May we experience them, enjoy them, and curl them up in our memories.

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