I joined Tara’s school advisory council to learn about communities other than mine. It is such a colorful experience to attend these meetings. I play several hats in these meetings, sometimes with crafting comms for the school, sometimes solving enrollment challenges, and some times how to organize remote activities, and most of the time just learning from the other parents. Each meeting is 60minutes of general cognitive exercise. We solve tough problems. Quite a challenge to run a school. But an even more challenging task is to coordinate it within the Diocese.

Anyways I am just glad I get to problem solve with a diverse set of groups. It makes me happy. I had quite a long day today, but wanted to put this in here, because I am grateful for this community that I am now slowly becoming an active part of. And I like it.

Sometimes we wonder if our act of taking the fish out of the bowl will kill it. And then you realize that the fish was actually an octopus. It was just hiding in the bowl, masked as a fish. It really belongs to the ocean. And it really belongs where it is now.

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