I had an old team mate join my team this week. And I have been helping him with ramp up and stuff. As I was discussing his first engagement on the team, I saw his eyes dilate with joy. And I could not help but pause and acknowledge the joy I was feeling as his lead. We are solving problems together, again. These problems are very different from the problems we solved before. And I am so grateful to have the opportunity to solve different problems with the same set of people. We expand each other’s sphere of influence and we help each other grow. I can lean on them, they can lean on me. And we will always do what’s right. Not just one time, but time and again. I experienced joy! I know he did too.

I went to pick up Tara at lunch since it’s half day on Wednesday. As I pulled in, from the distance I saw kids playing in the field. They all had their masks on. They were playing with frisbees. But not with each other. Since they don’t want to touch each other’s frisbee. It was the most normal, and yet the most beautiful scene. Kids are supposed to play. I don’t care if they need to wear masks. They need to play. Please open all schools and let kids play. Especially the elementary schools. We are hurting our kids by keeping them home. Vaccinate the teachers. Send the kids to school.

We went for Tara’s annual wellness check later in the afternoon. It was our first visit to a clinic since this pandemic started. At the door the nurse instructed that only one parent can come in. My heart sank. I cannot be the only one in the room with Tara for shots and blood draws. I am just too weak for that. So I looked at the nurse and asked. Can my husband join us for the labs? I am too weak for that. She was the sweetest. She agreed. She did not judge me. So Tara and I went through the shot together. And the blood draw was a team effort. Just as it always is. Sigh.

I don’t want to talk about what happened in DC today. If this is what happened today. I shudder at the thought of the swearing in ceremony.

It was a jambalaya of a day. A lot to be thankful for. And a lot to contemplate.

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