auld lang syne

On my last trip to India, before I lost my father, he bought me a pair of platinum earrings. When I arrived in Delhi, for some reason he insisted that he buy me something that will stay with me forever. I pushed back on the extravagance. But he wouldn’t have it any other way. So we went to Tanishq and he picked for me this beautiful pair of platinum earrings with small diamonds in it. I wore the earrings a lot. They were small and went along well with my style.

After I moved to CA, I used to frequently visit NY since Agam still lived there. On one of such weekend trips, I remembered taking off my earrings at night before going to bed. But I did not recollect wearing them in the morning. And I could not find my earrings after I came back to CA. I asked Agam to check by the bedside and he did. The earrings were no where to be found.

I did not tell Papa that I had lost my most precious gift. Little did I know that in a few months I would also lose Papa.

After several years, while cleaning a coat closet, I was checking the pockets of my old winter coats that were now catching dust. Agam moved to CA in 2010 and since then we did not visit NY in winter. And there I found these dainty little earrings in my coat pocket. I don’t recall how they got there. But I will never forget how I felt when I found them. These earrings are my father’s only gift to me as an adult. His hard earned money was spent on them. And even though I have bought several earrings since, these are my most precious earrings.

Today I wore them again. Just to feel his presence once again. Tara looked at them and said, oh they look so pretty. I asked her if she wants them. And she said, yes. I told her that my father had gifted it to me when I visited india after getting my first job. She quickly connected the dots. She asked that I give them to her when she gets a job. And she also added that she will take good care of them.

Daughters are precious. I was to someone. And Tara is to me. But somehow fathers know exactly how to pamper their precious little ladies. Agam is gifted with this talent too.

For now, I am missing my old man, since NYE was his occasion. We have fond memories of several NYE celebrations at the Lions Club, as a family. The concept of holiday parties was introduced to me in childhood. Sigh! No parties this year, and no family either to ring in the new year with! Our little familia is all we have 🙂

Another 2 hours and the year will change, but the world will stay the same. To make this a drastically different year, we will have to do something drastically better. I am up for the challenge. 2021, be nice. Here we come…

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