Since Tara cannot eat Maggie, I try to make up for it with equally (tough job) enticing noodle dishes for her. Since our sunset plans were literally puked on (ummm… tl:dr Tara ate right before the drive. Maps suggested 84 West since 92 was showing red, and the winding road and ahem, Agam’s driving led to Tara puking her heart out right in the middle of the 84 stretch). I decided to turn around everyone’s mood with everyone’s favorite – noodles and soup! Wonton Soup and Haka Noodles.

We use the Lotus Ramen Rice noodles from Costco. So reliable and so chewy!

Chopped a lot of colorful veggies – carrots, peppers, cabbage, onions, bokchoy and spring onioms

Sauce – 3 tbsp Soy Sauce, 2 tbsp tomato sauce, 1 tbsp chili vinegar or rice wine vinegar, dahs of sesame oil – whisked together.

Hot wok. Fry some minced ginger, add some spring onions, onions and cook. Smells divine!

Add the chopped veggies and toss until they start to cook.

Add the sauce, and toss the veggies and cook

Add the noodles

Toss together, and add a dash of soy sauce, pepper and salt.

Scramble some eggs on the side and top it off with some freshly chopped spring onions.

Voila! I wrote the recipe since Krishna Dadi wanted it. And that way I can also archive it.

Wonton Soup!

Btw the moon tonight is full and beautiful. We could not see the sun set, but we saw the moon rise, and I felt like just sitting and watching it all night. What I really wanted to do was to go for a long drive with the moon roof open, and listen to a secret garden’s new song. But what I did instead was come home; put on my apron and got cooking. It gave me as much joy 😉

I have a vivid memory of the moon from when I landed in Hyderabad in January. It was a crescent. As my cab drove through the town of minarets and mosques, the moon perfectly placed itself in the back drop.

From Haka noodles to Hyderabad. Chasing sunsets to romancing the moon. I can always trust myself with this kaleidoscopic range of emotions and memories.

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