Last night I was exhausted after watching this 2hr 30min movie. It’s mind bending. But after watching all the YouTube explanations (thank you, Agam), it makes sense and is a very audacious attempt. If there is a human on this planet who understood this movie in first attempt, without any help, I want to meet him/her. But that’s Nolan for you! Take it or leave it.

So tonight to switch the mood, I watched a meaningless, innocent, and light hearted comedy – Pati Patni and Woh. I couldn’t get over the fact that one of the actresses is the daughter of a heart throb from the 80s, Chunkey Pandey. Wow I don’t recall being a fan of him or something. But he is old enough to have a daughter in a movie. Hmm.. not bad.

The movie did what I expected – mind numbing humor. It was another fold the laundry night. So it was quite apt for the scene.

Coming to think of it we enjoyed a lot of good OTT content this year. High quality, good diversity, and some solid entertainment overall. My personal favorite will always be the crown, the queens gambit and then.. mirzapur, money heist, and I’m sure a few more that I don’t recall now. What a new world it is when it comes to OTT. The way we consume media has changed drastically in the last five years. We’ve never had cable television in our household. Even in NY we were the Netflix generation. We preferred the DVDs to meaningless TV. And I feel like we were quite the early adopters back then.

I wonder what other sphere of our life will evolve so drastically in the next five years. Such joy to experience change and live through it with an open and welcoming mind. I mean now that we won’t be really going by the Moore’s law, what’s next in line?! Time will tell. Or if you watch Tenet, you can go into a turnstile and find out for yourself 😉

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