Ho ho ho!

Time to disconnect. To recharge, replenish and revive. No more work until Jan 4th!

Plans are plenty! Starting with a quick trip to SF tomorrow to see the lights, buy a 100 chocolates for a spoilt elf, pick up some treats from Mariposa Baking Company, and enjoy this years last Blue Bottle cappuccino while watching the lights of the Bay Bridge come up. Romantic! Yes I am!

We have two hikes planned – a simple one at the Dish and one at the Sanborn County Park. Rain is going to spoil our plans. But I am determined to make these happen somehow. We have 11 days after all!

I also have a random plan to drive all the way to Pacific Grove, Monterey. Although that might not quite work out. Phew! Rain!

Of course there is a cooking wishlist too – Haleem is on my mind. And so is a very desi mutton curry. And lots of mulled wine and cider. I’m not gonna bake this holiday. We are helping the local shops by buying sweets and baked goods for Tara.

And yes, a 30min interval run everyday.

And not to forget my annual wrap up – highs and lows for 2020! Wow – I can’t believe it’s time for that already.

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