A long night ahead /
Time to step into a dream /
It’s winter solstice

I spent an hour picking e-books for my friends and teams today. It was so much fun. I am always so delighted when someone gives me a book. I don’t know if everyone has the same reaction. But books make the best gifts.

The idea of e-books wasn’t an original. I received an e-book as a gift last week and it triggered my mind instantly. Thrilled to have found some way of sharing my appreciation and gratitude with friends and team mates, I started to make a list of people and the books that would make a befitting gift for them. JOY!

One more day and then I take a break for the holidays. I didn’t get as much done as I thought I would. But something is better than nothing. And whatever I did was truly fulfilling.

Made a wholesome dinner after work with corn casserole, brussel sprouts, salmon and tomato soup.

To more days like today in 2021! Wholesome and Fulfilling 🙂

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