A day when you have just enough time for everything. A warm morning bun for Tara, some time before dinner to read Anne of Green Gables, time to steal a hug and a kiss from her in the middle of a work day. No unread emails in my inbox, no AIs that were left mid way. Just enough time to sneak in a tough game of Checkers at dinner, and a scoop of ice cream to end it all.

Such days are rare. When almost half the team or more is taking a break, and you decide to wrap up some chores before calling it a year, you are bestowed the opportunity to do things you want to take the time to but are unable to, in order to respond to the next event. There is always something stealing your time away from you.

I’ve been slightly better at it in Q4. And I plan to keep at it or even improve. Slaying myself for others isn’t worth it. So might as well practice some #selfcare. It is very hard for me to make myself a priority. But I don’t think I have a choice this time around. So let’s build the muscle to give, but keep some energy for myself.

Dinner was oatmeal. Yep – that’s what Tara wanted. So be it. Gave us enough time at dinner to play checkers. It was a good game. I am getting better at it. Goal is simple – beat Agam at it 😉

We are watching The Queen’s Gambit. It’s so awesome and intense. Looking forward to pacing it, instead of binging it. Hmmm… is that the winter solstice doing it’s magic?! Heh 😏

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