फ़िज़ा की शाम

फ़िज़ा की शाम हूँ में, तू है नयी सुबह, तुझे जीना है मेरे बिना।

I love these lyrics. My super power is to see the good in everything. The relentless spirit that refuses to see the bad for too long. It’s like, every low is a challenge. And I love challenges. I don’t know why. But I do. I wonder if that’s why the lows are attracted to me.

I wonder if I became wired this way because I know how short life can be. And I cannot live it sitting in a corner waiting for it to end. I’d rather spend every jule of energy in me towards a puzzle.

This last year has been crazy to say the least. It was a challenge like none other, and in that challenge we took on more challenges to make it even more difficult. Both Agam and I spent a lot of time in looking within and solving ourselves. We are challenging individuals. Fortunately, not so challenging as a couple 😉 I was solving for identity, him for purpose. We were helping each other along the way. I was buried under the baggage of unexplained expectations and him under confusion.

But here we are, ending the year, in a different way than we started. We are so thankful for the health bestowed on our family and friends. The year was kind to us. It gave us time to think, solve, and make decisions. We switched off of auto pilot. This year – we grew despite all odds. We were protected, sheltered, fed, healthy, and happy. As hard as it is to imagine. I am thankful for this year.

As someone wise said, 2021 is going to be drastically different year. I sure hope so and may be will even pray for that.

Drastic in a good way! The world economy is in peril, the forests are burnt down, the virus is still mutating and flaring, people continue to die, fear continues to loom, and although hope is around the corner, it is still a few months away. But we have evolved as humans. We can differentiate needs from desires and essential from non essential.

I hope we ring in the year with so much positivity that the perils that surround us feel like the फ़िज़ा की शाम। May the नयी सुबह of 2021 bring in a fresh wave of optimism and behaviors that last.

And lastly may I go home in the new year! That’s all. Santa, if you are listening, that’s my wish for 2021 – I want to go home for Christmas 2021! And for that I will be a good girl all year! I promise.

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