It’s a big day for all of us. Tara starts her first school winter break. If these were normal times we would have left for Delhi this evening. But not this year.

Agam quit Confluent today. He starts a new job on January 4th.

Google gave us a day off today. So I have been lazying around. Although I did jump start my day with Christmas carols in the car when we dropped Tara to School. Followed by a nice long hour of walking at the shoreline lake. After which I went to Alexander’s Patisserie, to buy macaroons for Tara, and morning pastries for Agam and me.

I spent the next few hours picking gifts formy family back home. And then soon it was time to pick up Tara. Time flies by when you are having fun.

I am writing this post. Yes writing, not typing. My Christmas gift to self is a Remarkable 2. A tablet meant for taking notes. It writes like a pencil, then converts it to text, with a decent accuracy, and sends it to an email address. Simple!

• • •

What a dream come true for me. I waited for this technology to develop over the last ten years. I wanted this feature in iPads . And although it started to make its entry through these tablets, I needed a very specific device and remarkable is just that.

And as I writing the song that started playing reminded me of when I heard it for the first time. All the lives I have lived in this short time. I was in Santa Monica, after a long day at work, at Guthy Renker. It must’ve been a nice day since I was treating myself to Italian. And here I was eating my meal, by myself and this song started to play. I loved it so much that I wanted to know more about it. Shazam was not a thing back then. So I took the name of the album and the artist from the waiter. Came home and played it all evening on my laptop, while I worked.

Memories. Nostalgia.Me – remarkable;)

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