Holiday Meh?!

The chore I hate most is to fold laundry. I need something really meaningless to play in the background. Something as meaningless as folding laundry. So I found Dash and Lily. Teeny Holiday romance about two weird misfits and NY in the background and holiday shtuff mixed up. Let’s rate it a 3/10. But who cares?! I can’t be in NY anytime soon. It is barely feeling like holiday time. So why not! Bring on the nostalgia.

We had a good weekend. We spent yesterday loading around, juicing, cooking and decorating Tara’s school for Christmas drive through. And we spent today playing board games, card games, reading and playing in Tara’s room. It was great. But it’s Christmas for heaven’s sake and we should be going out to see the lights, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying holiday parties.

Ugh! I need to turn this season around! I have not seen a single Christmas tree this year. And no Santa too. I can’t drop off holiday chocolates on desks and buy little ornaments for my friends and teams. Ugh! Ugh!

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