Fighting routines

Dropped off Tara and drove straight to the lake. It was a beautiful day for a chilly walk in the sun. There was no one at the lake for the longest stretch. It was so nice to see the vast expanse of the sky. Breathe in the fresh air and stretch my arms and legs.

Finally on the bay side of the trail I saw a cyclist ahead of me. Right above the cyclist, was a bird, gliding in and out. I watched both of them and their similar strokes. Flap flap glide. Peddle, Peddle, free wheeling. After some time their movements started to appear orchestrated.

And I wondered – which one of them is more free than the other. The bird or the human? What do you think ?

And then I looked up at the half moon in the blue sky and thought to myself – be like the moon. Even at its half capacity, it’s a wonder in the sky.

And then I looked at the bay and the lonesome egret close to the shore and thought to myself – be as strong as this egret. Even when you feel alone, in the vast bay. Find something to hold on to, like the hugging shore.

And then I looked at the birds and how busy they were this fine morning, and thought to myself – be like the bird, never still, always on the move, and always spreading joy.

And then I looked at the time and thought to myself that was the best 25 minute walk ever! Sometimes you don’t need to look for hours of solitude. You just need a detour on the way home for 30min, that opens up your mind to endless possibilities and learnings.

Net net – be like me. Always be learning. Never give up. And keep fighting routines 😉

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