And then…

Here’s why literature is timeless. I am reading a book by Soseki Natsume, that was published in 1909. It definitely has climbed up to my top 5 books ever read. My favorite dialogue of this book, and oh there are so many is a simple confession by Daisuke for Michiyo

“You are necessary to my existence. Absolutely necessary.”

When I started the book it felt like the crime and punishment genre. And it surely does a better job at it, but the mastery of Natsume is how he flips the lens and carefully takes us behind the scene and makes this one of the most romantic novels in my opinion. Ah the magic of being able to write like that. I feel so stupid getting high on well crafted literature. But it’s nothing new 😉

Now where’s my glass of wine to pair with the last few chapters of “And Then”.

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