Change the lens

We were planning to drive down to Santa Barbara for Christmas. It was going to be the one grand Ritz vacation of 2020. I had dreamt of all the in room dining I was going to order. And the views from our Spanish villa of the blue Pacific.

Here’s the thing. If we do go, we need to quarantine for 14 days after coming back. Which means we cannot send Tara to school in January. And that means that my comforts are not as critical as the social interaction that she needs to get from school.

So that means that we will be home and there will be in living room dining, three times a day, and sometimes more. I will be the chef of all those meals. Also for the view, we will have our backyard and the moon. And on a few occasions if the beaches are not banned, we will steal some sunsets.

So what, that’s how 2020 has been and hence no cancellations make any difference to me anymore.

But I did have a strange deja vu of an epiphany. Everyone is afraid of something. And that fear is the basis of all evil. The purpose of life is to address the fear. And find things that you do not to mitigate a fear, but to fan a passion. Like this writing hobby of mine. I write to express. If I was fearful, I’d not be able to write. Food for thought.

My latest fear is that holidays are coming and I am going to cook my way out of this depressive phase of lockdown. This will lead to me gaining some pounds. Which I fear will take a few weeks to burn, and that raises another fear that my fitness goals will be crushed once again.

Instead if I said that I want to walk in the sun and get some fresh air for at least 30min a day, because it makes me happy. Then I can also eat half of all the yummy dishes I am already excited about making in the holidays!

It’s the lens and the angle that you change and turn the situation around.

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