We are entering the last month of the year. For last four years we have been visiting Delhi in December. It was a whim of mine that was fully supported by my travel companions. Our trips are fast and furious. Winter picnics, lots of family get togethers, occasionally a party, or a wedding, a trip to the Bangla Sahib and Kaamakshi Temple, lots of delicious home cooked meals, lots of shopping, and sunny afternoons spent on the terrace drinking Birra with oranges. Good quality time with the extended family.

My whim was jinxed. We won’t be seeing family this year. Usually December is spent waiting for our flight back home. Not this December.

Phew! Just a tad bit homesick. 😦 I really want to go home for a few weeks. But as it appears there are no chances of that happening until Q3 2021.

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