🎈 Tara

Tomorrow marks the 6th year of Agam and I raising a little human. With a wit as sharp as a knife, a smile that puts all my worries away, and the curiosity of a world explorer, Tara you are all that I had ever imagined. You should know that you are enough. It’s a message I wish more parents started to instill in their children early on. You are all that we ever wanted.

Focus on what you want, from yourself and your life. And always march on the beat of your own drum. Tune into that beat early, and be confident about it. We are there to support you, and guide you. But this is your life. And we are just the instruments available to you whenever you need us, and in whatever way you need us.

A very happy birthday 🎈 to the best thing that happened to me, after I married her father. Tara, you are going to be six year old tomorrow. Shine on!

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