Rosy sky

I sometimes feel like a small caterpillar 🐛 looking up at the long and slender stems of red poppies. The poppies are my sky. It’s rosy.

That’s my “rosy colored glasses view” feeling. So every time the sky is rosy, I am just a caterpillar looking up at it. Why a caterpillar? Don’t ask. May be because it is inconsequential? And yet it beholds the beauty of the rosy sky.

Agam and I went for a walk at lunch and through my fogged glasses I saw the man who I dated for a good long decade, before I married him. Our lunch walks/dates are very refreshing. It’s like old times. Pre Tara times. We look forward to them, to share our day’s stories, ask each other’s opinions on stuff. We don’t discuss chores. We laugh at Tara’s mischiefs. Stuff she tells us when the other one is not around. We share.

We came back after our walk and sat outside in the patio and ate lunch. It was fun. I stayed back to look at the sky. It was rosy. And I was the caterpillar. Happy to be cocooning with my friend for life. 💕

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