fall is here

My crepe myrtle is reminding me to slow down. Fall is here. Winter on the horizon. Holidays are about to get started!

So I took the time and sat outside with a thick jacket and some socks on. To admire the call of nature, to give in to it. To simply love and feel the amore in this tree of red leaves.

I sat down to sip my first cup of coffee by the door and experienced Yosemite, Hawaii, Greece, Goa and warmth of my home all at the same time.

Feeling quite poetic today and I don’t want to ruin the mood with a stream of meetings. But that I shall have to do.

There are two types of writing – one that comes from the spill of emotions, and one that comes from the lack of it. With my cup full, I am experiencing the overflow. May there be more days like today! And more falls to love and live!

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