We’ve picked a leader!

Despite the fact that we are a divided nation, today we are less divorced from reality than we were four years ago. We vote, we participate, we make our voices heard. We are progressing. And we will progress in the right direction under a leader who has spent 48 years of his life serving this country.

Leadership matters. It’s who people look up to emulate. Especially by picking a running mate who is an icon of everything that the American dream promises, Biden has earned the respect, and the follower-ship.

No leader is perfect. And I personally like the ones who don’t try to be perfect. They are comfortable being who they are. True to their skin. Joe Biden is not Barack Obama, but he is not afraid of being who he is – flawed yet fearless leader. He wins my respect for being that approachable Joe who understands you.

I hope for normalcy, and guardianship under his reign.

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