To serve!

A few months ago, I was contemplating on taking a break from people management. Today I am glad I did not act on my instincts. To serve is the biggest joy for me. And today I served someone who served the nation. While there is much to celebrate (hopefully soon), a few of us shudder at the thought of the statistic that every second person in this country wanted to elect an idiot to power for the second time.

And especially if you grew up in this country and believed in its might, and went to the battlefront to serve it. This can be a very disheartening moment. I cannot even imagine how I’d feel.

Tonight I am thankful for the opportunity to share a moment with someone. We empathized with each other, openly shared our feelings and perspectives, consoled each other and offered advice, or a different lens to see the problem with. We were there for each other.

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