Had a dire urge to create something today 🙂

So I dropped all mout plans and created a hearty meal – arugula caprese salad, tomato soup, and garlic cheese bread. Enjoyed it with my lil familia, and some Prosecco. Tadaaa!

I enjoyed a very a special moment today. It reminded me why you need a strong team to work with and why people make or break the dynamics. As someone was talking through their approach towards a problem, we tweaked the approach as we talked through it, and landed at something we both felt very contented with. A few weeks ago, I had planted a seed of how we could approach this situation. And I left it to the team to take it forward. Today when I heard the final outcome. Not only had they watered the seed, they made it even better. I was so thrilled with the outcome and the best part was how thrilled the individual was with the results. I ❤️ such moments.

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