I’ve been humming this song for a few days. It even inspired me to wear a kajal over the weekend. We played a little dress up for the kanjak celebration, and I taught Tara some Hindi words – bindi, mehendi and kajal. She finds bindi and mehendi amusing and rhyming. Also she thinks I should wear bindi more often. I think I agree based on the few pics we took yesterday.

Usually when I go to her room to wake her up, she is up and about – reading a book or playing with her toys. Today it was really dark. And my little Tara was actually asleep when I went to her room. My heart melted right there. The light sleeper that she is, just like me, she woke up in a second. And I could not help but cuddle with her in bed for a few minutes. We talked about her dream and the sound of wind last night. I knew she would have heard it too. We enjoyed a few moments unlike ever before. I held her in my arms like a little baby and she wrapped her arms around my neck. Oh I wish I could freeze that moment. I cannot believe that this kid will one day grow up into a big girl. I do know that she will still pull me for a quick hug and throw her arms around my neck, like she did today morning.

One month to her birthday. May god bless this little soul with so much energy, and joy! May she never have to look for happiness. May she find it in every moment she lives and every relationship she creates. That reminds me Diwali is around the corner. Time to write a prayer. All my writing tasks seem to be piling up 😕

It was a good day. I solved some problems, met new people, learnt about something new, connected with some old colleagues, listened to Michelle Obama’s podcast on my walk, ran for 15 min, cooked dinner from scratch, and ate a lot of sweets 😣😆

The thing about bindis☝️

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