Solo crisp mornings

It’s Durga Puja season back home. Last year I was in Gurgaon during Durga Puja. I resolved to bring Tara with me some day. I didn’t know how much our lives will change back the . Truth is Tara cannot go with us to India in these months. She will be at school. Sigh. We missed such a good opportunity all these years.

It was a strange morning. I decided to ditch the walk since I was feeling a little unwell owing to a silly infection. Poured myself some coffee and went to the deck to hear the birds.

Sat alone in the crisp chili morning and enjoyed my time there. The fumes from my coffee got me off to a lyrical start. I ran back inside and wrote them down.

I kept going back to the four lines making an attempt to add to them. But decided to do that tomorrow at the deck again. With my morning cup of coffee 🙂

This week Agam and I went out for lunch twice. Once a quick walk to Panera and then a short drive and a sprint walk to Sakoon. Who knew we’d get opportunity to enjoy a lunch date during this pandemic. It was quick, but fun. I hope we do it once in a while. I love my lunch companion and his gaffs and stories. It’s also super refreshing to take an afternoon walk.

We are finding a new rhythm with Tara’s school routine. I drop her off in the morning and Agam picks her up in the afternoon. I usually sneak out for a 30min of walk or run in the morning. It’s my me time. On days when I don’t get the time, I miss it. I love my mornings to be silent and solo. Just like some people like their nights. In that respect I am quite a morning person. And I am glad I can set a new morning routine, thanks to Tara’s school.

On to the weekend!

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