Speak your mind

Tara’s first PTA was quite fun. Hearing about her from someone else, in this case her teacher, is very special. Especially the part where the teacher mentioned that she speaks her mind and holds the room. Apparently she told her teacher that the classroom was quite messy and needed clean up. Well we know exactly which gene that was. Yikes! But at the same time if she keeps doing this consistently she will find it easier, relatively speaking, to survive in this world when she grows up. Sigh! Even I don’t have the audacity to tell someone to clean their room. I guess that’s the innocence we lose as we grow up.

She has made good friends and plays with everyone. And she follows instructions and finishes her worksheets. She is a bright child and well mannered. And we should continue doing what we are doing. (Which is next to none!)

I don’t read any parenting books or follow any mommy blogs. Agam spends a lot of time curating her toys and books and games. I believe in learning on the ground. So her people skills, social skills and etiquette, values and principles type learning is my responsibility. I sound boring. But Tara doesn’t feel that way yet. She knows that if she listens the rewards are countless. I spoil her, and remind her that she is being spoilt. So she does not take it for granted. She understands. She is kind, and responsible. I don’t know what else one can do to raise a six year old. She is our first and only. So much can change over the years. But for now – things are looking good.

Tara is lucky to have such a loving and caring teacher. She is spoilt I think. I don’t know if all teachers are this nice. If they are, I want to go back to school myself 😉

About me. Got my perf review this week. It’s good and the same. I didn’t quite have a reaction. I met my own expectations, and I do have very high expectations from myself. I work hard to meet them and I get my reward. It works. Also I like to understand what people think of my work. And in 40 words not much can be said, but it is consistent, and that matters to me.

I wrapped up a summit and three major presentations this week. Rigorous week with the weekend around the corner. On Wednesday I delivered a short talk to a virtual audience of 200+ and more who will be able to view the recording later. It was very boring talking to a screen for 12 minutes. But people thought it went well. 👍 I personally felt it was good, but could have been better. Told ya, I have high expectations from myself.

But I want to make sure I don’t pass on this trait to Tara. I am very cautious about not beating myself up about something in front of her. She is like molten wax at this point. Absorbs all emotions she is exposed to. For now she should keep speaking her mind. It’s an endearing quality even as you grow up, or so I am told. On the other hand, having high expectations from yourself just makes you a miserable person. And it’s very difficult to unlearn the habit. So she should skip that part.

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