Our lil patch of sky

It was a very claustrophobic evening. I felt back inside a box I don’t like. And so I went for a short walk after dinner. And after I came back, Tara Agam and I sat outside in our little patio, admired our little patch of sky studded with stars. Saw the Lyra and the Andromeda and a few more. It was perfect.

After spraining our necks, I convinced both of them to see what I was seeing. An outside in view to our house, and thereby our life. It was also perfect.

We created every pixel of that view. From the color of the cabinets to the tile on the floor to the bar stools and picture frames. We built this life over the years with a lot of love and hard work and positive intentions. Our labor of love was reflected in the warm hues of the view.

This outside in perspective is important. It refreshed me. It made me happy. And it reminded me that there are always multiple perspectives to consider.

V said today that perhaps I sometimes, unconsciously impose my high expectations on people and they can get stressed from carrying the baggage of those expectations. Her words hit a strange note with me. She is right. I expect more from those whom I hold in high regard. I don’t know about the later part though. About them carrying the stress of it. I don’t hold that power in anyone’s life. Rather I shouldn’t.

I like it when people expect more from me. They think I can and hence they ask me to be better. But I am not them and they are not me. I see my patch of sky and they see theirs. And each of us are entitled to our view.

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