Conviction, not Convenience

Perhaps my epitaph will read this when I die. I keep putting this principle to test and it keeps convincing me it’s the right one, time and again.

I am extremely satisfied with my efforts towards a situation. The last time I was this happy, was when I got my last promo. It made me trust the meritocracy of this process. And today again, I am willing to commit my trust to the process.

Self actualization is a real thing and the joy I derived from this experience is mine to keep and enjoy. No one will ever know or care, but I will always remember.

The only thing missing was that I didn’t have anyone to celebrate my happiness with. If these were normal times I’d go and hit up a colleague at work and go for a walk and coffee. And share with him/her how I felt. Instead I just came here and shared my joy with myself. I guess that’s something new to get used to.

To more happy days and more opportunities for self actualization.

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