Sunday banter

We had a lovely afternoon with a work friend. Dosa, Kerala Stew, Cabbage thoran and Rasam, were on the menu. To serve my rasam to someone who likely grew up with it was daunting. But it turned out well. Spicy and wholesome :). We played Labyrinth and as always Tara won. It was a pleasant afternoon with chit chat and tea and Tara’s giggles. Good times 🙂

In the list of the most of random things that can happen, today I was stung by a bee. A deep sting. It hurts a lot; and it’s swollen too. Weird, and yet a unique experience. I’m glad it was me who got stung and not Tara. We were in the park in the evening when a random bee decided she was going to go create a menace. And so she stung me and Ellie, Tara’s friend. Grr! Anyways! I’m sure Ellie is also in pain, like me. I hope she feels better.

Ended up finishing up some work tonight. Loved my quiet hours of creativity. It’s a pretty cool project that I am trying to seal the deal on. Hopefully it works out. I have a strong team I am working with. Always a joy to work with driven and passionate folks. Makes all the difference for someone like me.

A good weekend. Lots of cooking. And lots of rest and chill time. Tomorrow Tara and I both have the day off. We don’t have much plans. Perhaps a trip to the 🧁 place 😕

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