Our presence has become virtual. That we all know. But why did our relationships also become virtual. And even if they did become virtual, why did they become simulated? Just a thought.

This virtual work environment is going to be hazardous to human relations. Over time, people will forget the person. They will only see the image. The subtleties that make us human, that make us unique and distinct from each other, will be subjected to digital interference.

Humans are dispensable. We all know that. But this pandemic will make us even more dispensable. You can always replace a machine that gives a certain output with another machine that gives a certain output. What impact that machine can have on people around it, is not going to matter as more and more virtual working environments get built up. It’s only fair. Output is all the matters. That’s the stuff corporations are built to do.

I am not a corporation. I am an individual. I cannot behave like a corporation. I live a rich life built on values, and principles. I don’t think in terms of maximizing outputs. That would mean that I breath in more to exhale more. Bizarre!

How can two entities that have nothing in common. No purpose to share, be a part of a functioning system? In other words – individuals making up organizations is a bizarre concept.

This dysfunctional set up is going to become and more exposed in this virtual environment. Simulation – 1, Emotion – 0, thereby Relationships – non existent.

Conundrums like this are the highlights of my days. At least I had moments to breathe and think in the blank space that appeared at the end of my calendar for the day. Cheers to more spaces. And to my fight to not fill them. Because I am not a corporation. I am an individual. And my output is my will.

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