Yet another farewell

A farewell, one of the most challenging moments for someone like me. I prefer fading out and I felt like I was, and then an awkward moment of acknowledgement. A surprise to that. And a very thoughtful in person surprise on top of it. Here I was vanishing behind scenes, and then pulled upfront. It was heart warming. But then exhausting all at the same time. It reached extreme exhaustion after the farewell and so I called it quits and ended the day at 4.

I don’t know what to believe. I couldn’t be myself. Since I feared being judged. So I measured my emotions, and my words. I don’t know anymore how to respond to acts of kindness sometimes. I went from being a believer of people, to be fearful of them. Strange. But I was grateful for the moment. And that’s all I can be at this time. Feeling a little dry inside. Strange.

Today’s golden words were – why measure yourself in terms human made expectations. Who gave them the right to establish the measure? They are human too. Why should you measure up to their expectations. If your acts are fair and just in your eyes, it does not matter what someone else thinks.

These are words of a father. And I am so fortunate that they were shared with me today, since I don’t have anyone in my life who talks to me that way anymore. And it’s been 10years since.

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