Best of all my worlds

So you take cooking and google and salesforce together and that makes for a hell of a wonder evening! Not to forget the star of the evening – Charlie Ayers, the first chef at Google. The famous Charlie’s cafe is named after him.

Now this star studded event was organized by salesforce for its Google partners and customers. We all hung out on Meet, while we cooked Sri Lankan Lentils with Spinach and Buttery basmati rice, wore our Salesforce Aprons and chatted about our favorite Google cafes, instant pot and the deets on Larry and Sergey’s favorite foods.

Salesforce sent us aprons, ingredients, produce and recipes with a goodie bag, and we all enjoyed 90min of delicious fun. The recipe was fantastic and I had a blast hanging out with Googles and Salesforce folks. Wine added so much charm.

It was a perfect day. I always tell Agam. It’s great to be a google employee and a Salesforce customer. Nothing trumps these two perks. This totally was my favorite evening of the pandemic. And I will never ever forget it 🙂 I remembered what it felt like to be at Salesforce. Never a day of regret. Never a day of judgement. Just a lot of hard work and a lot of fun. I’ve never had as much fun in life as I did at Salesforce. It didn’t feel like work and yet we were getting shit done.

If this was a preview of what’s ahead, I am ready to blend the best of all my worlds and charge on. And even if it is not, I am still grateful for the evening I just enjoyed 🙂

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