⛵️ are returning to shore

I looked through my old strength finder report. I usually take the test once every two years. It’s been exactly two and the reminder popped. As I read the summarized report I wondered if it will change with my new learnings and experiences. I will know next week. I knew I was a Relator, so why did I pick what seemed then like an exciting unknown. The excitement turned to anxiety and it turned into an anxious and quite exhausting unknown.

One week to a five day break. I wish there was a way to erase selective parts of your memory. There are things I want to simply forget. It’s hard to forget my most critiqued moments. I can never forget my Dad’s stern eyes reminding me that “there is no place in this world for mediocrity.” I cannot forget when I disappointed someone who took a chance on me, when he said, “I thought I was hiring someone who knew how to handle this”.

These are not moments that one can just erase from their memory. They become defining moments of your life. Everyone has the share of scars. Sometimes we grow a new skin and move on. Only to find pain in moments we least expect.

On a more comforting note, I enjoyed a very rigorous staff planning exercise today. I spent three hours on it, and I am very pleased with the results. I can stand by all the numbers and can tune the dials as needed. It was fun. I am nerdish about annual planning. It gets me excited. And inspired.

Whatever floats one’s ⛵️

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