The moon was so beautiful tonight. A perfect crescent. New as ever. Slender and calm. Watching over us.

We have started watching Away! It’s an Astro buff delight with drama, and thrill. Hillary Swank in the lead role. Agam and I are enjoying it so far. It’s got its flaws. But it’s still worth the time. A few nights before Tara arrived, Agam and I watched Gravity in the hall. It was special. We wished that night that our little daughter would be a movie buff and a space buff like us. She is getting there 🙂

Today was a little rough. Tara threw a tantrum at breakfast, and I canceled her play date as a result. She wasn’t happy. And neither was I. But there are consequences for tantrums. Agam wasn’t happy either. He wanted to arbitrate. But when it comes to us two, he usually sits it out. 😉

We made up by an extended game of Labyrinth. She recovered. We went for a stroll to downtown and a trip to Books Inc was refreshing for all of us. I resisted buying a new book. Need to finish my pile by the bedside.

Normal is what I seek in the upcoming week. May it be as normal as it can be!

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