What a sad day to lose RBG. The force that she was. The rage that she represented in her composure. Those intense eyes and that poised voice. We’ve lost a lot in 2020. She is the most precious one. I have admired her for decades. When Bill Clinton appointed her to the Supreme Court in 1993, I was still a young girl. And my father told me about her and what she had accomplished in her life. So much has been said, written in books and memoirs and narrated through movies about her. But to me she is the Mother Teresa of my time. Her impact is greater than any woman that I know. And she will be an inspiration for life.

I learnt from her life that you cannot have it all, all at the same time. These are her words that find their way in different feminism literature and are often misconstrued.

It is sad that her death will become the breeding ground for partisan politics. But the timing could not be worse. I hope she had lived to see this country do justice to her moral standards. Or perhaps she just didn’t have the will to see us repeat our mistakes again.


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