We had a lovely afternoon with Tara’s friends. Three of them added so much chitter chatter and clutter to the afternoon that I practically gave up on trying to focus on my planning, and instead joined them for popcorn and smoothies, chalk art and giggles. To be fair they were not at all disturbing. I could put my headphones on and go on doing what I wanted to. But it was so much fun seeing tiny shadows in my backdrop and the sound of their tiny feet climbing the stairs up and down. They are so free willed. So full of love and energy and so innocent.

It was a good break for a Wednesday afternoon. I think I will do more of three. It breaks the week. I almost felt like it was Friday 🙂

Yesterday was a crazy day. I started my day at 7:30 and ended at 11:00. With an hour break for lunch and an hour and a half at dinner. I wanted to finish some work that can easily linger and pile on, and I did. In a way it was helpful that I was working from home. Lesser disruptions in the day. Tara and Agam cooperated and I made it through the hustle. It didn’t help that I had a series of night meetings too.

There’s a part of me that wants to go silent, and the real me that cannot stop. I need to start letting others take lead and stop offering my 2 cents on topics that I won’t be directly responsible for in 15 days. I guess that’s one way of letting go. But it’s hard for me to not contribute and add my thoughts, despite knowing some don’t care, and some don’t even trust my intention. Anyways I’m just doing what I know.

I have a few more Wednesdays like today and then that’s it. A much awaited fall break and it will be October. Can’t believe how quickly this year is passing by. At least that’s how I feel. I still remember April 3rd. It’s fresh in my memory. And that it was six months ago, is shocking.

Anyways, I am fortunate to have Tara and her friends in my life. I look at them and I am reminded of how innocent people are when they start this journey, and what characters they become as they grow up. No one stays the same. Even I didn’t. I am convinced that in a few years I will look back at who I was in 2020, and wont relate to my own self. Sigh – growing up is a curse.

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