Woke up to a sad news. A long term Googler decided to leave. He and I have had brief interactions but they were very rich in experience. I am sad that he decided to leave. But he deserves a second innings. And he had been around for 13 years. I don’t know how people do that.

But the news was balanced out by another delightful news. A candidate I recently interviewed was such a fresh breadth of energy, and she was a very classic Google fit. We had a bit of back and forth. I thought she could do multiple roles, and hence we tried matching her to a few teams. And in the end, she is back to joining my team. My current team that is. I wish I’d have the opportunity to work with her. But at this point it’s too late and I am sure she will have a fulfilling career at Google, regardless of which team she is on.

So the good and bad balanced out in the few hours of this morning. This is what builds my faith in just doing the right thing and rest will fall in place.

A good bye note to write and a welcome email too. Such is the balance I seek.

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