Needed a strong dose of disconnect and started reading some of Amrita Pritam’s poetry for a change. She was so willful and spirited. Her words reflect that shrugged off expression. They flow, like water, and are not constrained in a meter or a rhythm. I love her poetry. I also love to read about her life. She was quite a character and her love story should be made into an epic. But such is life – Mirza Ghalib was made into a TV show, but Amrita Pritam’s life doesn’t deserve a memoir.

I am pretty excited about the new team I am building. It’s a diverse set of folks, with diverse backgrounds and experiences. All wanting a fun and enthusiastic bunch of peers to work with and solve tough problems. I am already thinking about a short summit for this group when we all come together as a team. And I am excited about going back to my own skin. That itself will add some years to my life. The work is itself challenging. It is not exactly what I’ve done before. But I know the domain. And I love it. And that makes the difference.

I have 26 days to go! 18 working days to be precise. I am exhausted with this transition. I didn’t negotiate because I care. But I should have put myself first and asked for a shorter transition. It should have ended before people got to the point of judging my loyalties. Well I learnt a lot of lessons in last two years, let’s add shorter transitions to the list. What a strange discord.

It was a good weekend. Lots of laughter and giggles and chit chat. Lots of sharing and caring and of course good food 🙂 I’m charged for the week. Let’s go get it tiger.

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