Black and white

Sometimes you just don’t realize how you are impacting people’s lives. A colleague I shared the workspace with reached out to share that he was shocked at my transition. He said a lot of kind words. But there were few that left a mark. He is a kind man. I didn’t know I was adding so much joy to his day. All while I though I was just adding so much noise to his environment. True I guess you will never know how you are impacting people’s lives. I for sure definitely have that blind spot. I cannot tell if someone is lying to me and because of that I stopped trusting the ones who are being true.

I should be happy. But I am a bit sad. And there is a lyrical something mulling in the corner of my mind. If I begin to write, it will be midnight. I can’t afford another one. So I will just leave the first line here

आधे अधूरे रिश्ते है यह, आधे हैं यह सपने, किसका ऐतबार करें हम, लगते हैं सब अपने

Tara thinks Gampati did some magic and the air has cleared up. Now she thinks he will also clear up the virus. To not disappoint her too much I told her – “oh I forgot to ask him for that last time we prayed.” Stupid me! But if she has to pick between Santa and Gampati, then I vote for Gampati. I have a better track record with him. We have a deal. 😉

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