Emotional Stamina?!

There must be something like emotional stamina. Since I am running low on it right now. I was a fighter before this pandemic. And here I am crumbling with aches and pains with a few late nights. I know the reason. My runs are not possible these days. There is smoke in the garage and Tara’s new schedule leaves little time for Mama Bear in the evening. I am way too strict about her bed time. Anyways, hope the fires subside, and I can go back to the garage again. But more importantly, I just want to open the window next to my desk 😦

I am taking a fall break at the end of Sept. The week marks a big milestone. I have been fatherless for a decade. Explains a lot of what and who I am. I made a promise to him after he left us. That my kids will know him through me. I don’t think I have done a good enough job of that yet with Tara. She knows we don’t have Nanu amongst us. But she does not know who Nanu was and why he was so awesome!

October also marks my transition to a new team. I am so immersed in it already that I don’t think it is as much a milestone to start something new, as much as it is to end something I thought would last longer than it did. Not a defeat. Just how unpredictable life can be and why planning is for fools. Just kidding. Today the final project that I wanted to see through began its launch journey. Cannot believe we got so much done in so little time and despite all odds. It’s what gives me the thrills – people, their passion, and the pursuit of impossible. When the people lose their passion, or I lose mine because of them, and when the pursuits become within reach, its a sign for me to move on. And so I am. 4 weeks to go!

A sudden energy crash and a bad headache made me cancel my evening meetings. Only to find myself back on the table after Tara slept. Phew! Time to disconnect.

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