Back to school

In our lineage, a vomit is considered auspicious. Like board exams or GRE. This morning we were all nervous and Tara was feeling the pressure to finish her breakfast. A few loud voices and there we go. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry or be mad. With 7 min to the school assembly (virtually), Agam was cleaning up the basin, and I was cleaning up Tara. And settling her down into her day’s routine. And also reminiscing how I did the SAME THING! And acknowledging that I continue to do it still. Last time this happened to me was the LinkedIn interview. Yep, that’s just who I am. And now there are two of us.

The good news is that every vomit pays for itself. The results are always promising and positive. Hahha and so they were today too. We all had a good first day of school. We were late to the 11am class, but that’s coz Mom was hyper ventilating about something at work. And lost track. But we managed.

Tara’s first homework was fun too. She and I enjoyed it. And her enthusiasm to write it down as I recited the spellings was also so refreshing. Ah the desire to learn.

My work day ended on a little sad note. One of my very close friends at work who I cannot spend a day without or I’d go insane, was not happy. He was upset about a few things. And I was one of the reasons. Not that I did something to make him upset. But I’m the root cause. And I am going to fix it. Just not now. And I had to tell him that in a way that he’d understand.

He is a rock. And today my rock was melting. We take care of each other. And it’s my turn this time. I think I push him too hard sometimes. He enjoys it I know. We both grow in each other’s company. He cannot think like me and I cannot act like him. But we try. Inch by inch to meet in the middle. I hope that our conversation gave him some joy. I like to take care of my people. I am not selfless. I also expect to be taken care of. Those that are taken care of learn to take care of others. You cannot pour from an empty vessel.

Here’s Tara’s homework. She answered the questions, I quizzed her on the spellings of the easy words, we practiced some phonetics, and then she wrote the answers. I helped her with the big words and dictated the spellings. There is so much honesty in these words. Melted my heart as I saw her write them. May she always stay true to her self. And may I set a good example for her.

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