Happy Birthday, David

Dear Mr Brooks, wish you a very happy birthday 🎈

I am one of your closet fans. I have been for 12 years. I still remember the first time I read your article in The NY Times. And ever since then I read whatever you write. I look forward to your Thursday columns, and your books of which you write few these days. My patronage stems from my own ambitions. I wanted to be a journalist. Not the ones who go to war fronts. But the ones who fight wars with their words. Whose pens are the swords and phrases are the ammunition. Those who are not afraid of going to all those dark corners of a society, to expose the reality, the bitter truth. Those who inspire with their words, generate emotions with their narratives and cause a movement, a change.

I became none of that. But you personify all that I wanted to be. You are my hero.

I’ve followed your personal and professional life for 12 years. I sensed in your writing the pain you experienced after your divorce. And then when you found new love, I enjoyed that spirit coming back. It was different. You turned a corner there, with your writing and your life. You describe the common man with the honesty he deserves. You explain his fears as if they were your own. Your writing has no privilege no class. It’s real. It’s grounded in human spirit and its flaws, it’s ambitions and it’s failures.

Your articles are like prose to me. I can hear you say the words, as I read them. Your wisdom that you never fail to spread, be it about politics, ideas, society, religion, is like gospel. I am as you can tell absolutely in love with your writing.

You introduced me to the Aspen Institute. An organization I one day want to work for. You introduced me to the Weave Program which is based on the principle of deep human connection something I am so passionate about. You have recommended so many books over the years and taught me how to argue from a neutral stand point. Thank you!

David Brooks, the world may call you a conservative political and cultural commentator. To me you are mirror that reflects what it sees. Keep up the good work

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