a bit slow

It was a lovely weekend with food, friends and fun. Lots of experiments in my kitchen and some process hacks too. Met some work friends after five months. Nothing like an in person interaction. Even more fun to meet their family. We spent our Saturday evening with a very warm and affectionate family. I felt like I was back home in Delhi.

On Sunday we spent the afternoon with another set of friends and enjoyed the warm California weather in their serene backyard. It’s a blessing to be able to hangout with at least some families. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy, so we can enjoy these moments once in a while.

The weekend kicked me off to a very chill pill gear. And I am finding it very hard to kick myself to third gear. As a result I am just slow at everything. Not a bad thing 😉

Tara amazes us with her flexibility and adaptability to all environments and companions of all age groups. I don’t quite know how she does it. I am sure she exhausts herself to a certain extent. Or perhaps it’s just her natural self. I don’t know. She has the servant people pleasing traits in her. Not something I wanted to lend to her. Blame it on the genes I guess. Hopefully she will realize sooner than I did, that before you make others happy, you need to make yourself happy. Self love is an art that I wasn’t taught. But I plan to master it somehow. And share my lessons with Tara when she is older.

Everyone is fighting their own battle with this pandemic. And we all will be fighting it till the end of next year. That’s my forecast anyways. When we drove by the office yesterday I felt quite nostalgic. It’s going to be 12 more months before we get back in there. And that too is not certain. Talk about thriving in ambiguity! We’ve all nailed that ☝️. I don’t know if I ever want to go back in there on a regular basis. It’s exhausting to be home, but it’s even more exhausting to be in the office and then switch contexts and come home.

Yes I do miss those coffee chats, and running into people in the hallways. But those are also exhausting in some way. Lol 😂 this pandemic might make me an introvert for all I know. It will be nice for a change. The world is too loud these days, who cares if one of the voices goes silent for a little while.

A numb mind alas /
I cannot hear a beep /
Must’ve lost my voice

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