I’ve always loved to have some music going on in the background when I am focusing. I used to study with music, I cook with music and I also wrote epics and stories with music. But my role doesn’t allow for dedicated flow time anymore. So when the no meetings week arrived, I curated my playlist, ready for some serious flow time.

It was a delightful day of work. Chopin with Spring Waltz, Michael Nyman’s Jack, and to wrap up, some Kishore Kumar. I absolutely loved the movie Khamoshi and all its melodies. The beautiful lyrics are a cherry on top of the amazing voice. And the lyrics have an interesting patter – see it for yourself. Look for the matching numbers in the two stanzas –

Wo shaam kuchh ajib thi
Ye shaam bhi ajib hai
Wo kal bhi paas paas thi
Wo aj bhi karib hai

[1]Jhuki hui nigaah men kahin [2] mera khayaal tha
[3] Dabi dabi hnsi men ik hasin sa gulaal tha
[4] Main sochata tha mera naam gunaguna rahi hai wo
N jaane kyon laga mujhe ke muskura rahi hai wo

[2]Mera khayaal hai [1]abhi jhuki hui nigaah men
[3] Khili hui hnsi bhi hai dabi hui si chaah men
[4] Main jaanata hun mera naam gunaguna rahi hai wo
Yahi khayaal hai mujhe ke saath a rahi hai wo

Since when did I have time to write about such things – well looks like starting today 😛

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