Labor of love ❤️

Spent an hour organizing and re-potting my succulents to give them room to grow and thrive. Felt like I was planning projects for my team. Although the plants likely give more ROI on your time investment, than teams do, the input is quite similar. Plant the seed, provide the right mix of soil, succulents are different from flowers are different from herbs. Water and prep the soil. And then tend to it from time to time. Some thrive, some sustain, some grow beyond your hopes and some don’t seem to have the will to try.

Soon the complexity of the project on hand took over and I zoned into my succulents and spent some quality time with them. Very refreshing and meditative. Now onto the rest of the chores.

Here’s my August commitment – A beautiful song with every post. Here’s my latest find. This tune opens my mind to possibilities. It is assuring, and explorative all in one fine tune. It’s that classic What if song! Alright I watched Nights in Rodanthe last night.

We spent the evening at home and played Settlers of Catan in the backyard with popcorn, and Michale Nyman’s music. It was one of those beautiful evenings that reassures you of life choices. Agam and my story had a lot of Ifs and buts. And look where we landed – from the classroom of DPS RK Puram, to a decade of long distance relationship, to the crowded streets and subways of NY, and now to the sun drenched backyard in Mountain View, California. It was labor alright to keep at it, and tend to the seeds of love we planted twenty years ago. Labor of love!

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