about running

Running helps me get back in my skin, instead of operating in my mind. I can go for months and months losing conscious of my body. It’s alarming when you run. That sweat on your skin is the most real thing you’ve seen in a while. The heart beat that goes up and up and up. And if you are me, you test your limits to insanity. That conscious push to extreme, that pull back to a stable pace, and that feeling of having gone that far, physically. I run sprints. It’s who I am. I have no desire to run a marathon. I have all ambitions to beat me to my last record of the fastest mile run.

I am ending July on a somber note. Healing is in progress. But it is tougher than I thought it would be. I am happy to have run 21 days in this 31 day month. And have written 37 Haikus in this time. I love them. I pour a lot in that moment. Its like emptying myself into a vessel, for that day. And then I start a new day.

Miss this wind on my face

On to starting a new month! May I be the force I am, despite the winds that come my way!

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