Joyful creations

I haven’t had a work day like today in so long. I started with a few items on the agenda, and an intention to pace myself well, and only finish what I set to do for the day. Instead of stretching myself to yet another task. And my plan was successful. This can never happen when you are in the office. #wfhrules.

I am not surprised that I will have the option to stay in wfh mode for the next academic year. Not like there was going to be a vaccine before that anyways. So now that it is certain, I am wondering what positive changes I can make to my routine. Hmm more thinking needed.

I am worried about Tara’s school. Distance learning is not going to be easy on her, and neither for us. Our jobs don’t give us the flexibility to teach her in the middle of a work day. So I don’t know how it will all work out. But I’ve not worried about much with this pandemic. What’s in my control, I do. Else I watch the show as it unfolds.

We finished watching the trip to Greece last night. It was quite good. Sadly the last of the series. The background music for these movies is always special and awfully tough to find. I went down a 24 hour chase again this time. And finally nailed the artist. However I could not find the song easily. So we just Shazam’d it. For some reason the song sounded better with the backdrop of the sea. It was a fun chase though.

I hope I have more work days like today where I am focused on work, and not people. Or at least I have a few days in the week when I can experience flow like I did today. Sigh! Should’ve chosen a different profession for that. Anyways! To more days like today when you end with as much a energy as you started. And when you put in that energy towards joyful creations.

Joyful Creations

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