Mountains vs Oceans

Felt like a normal, almost normal weekend. We discovered a new beach in Rio Del Mar area, jutted with the Seascape resort, with paved public access. Our favorite time for beach is after 3pm. The crowds begin to thin down and we don’t have to deal with the scorching sun. My companions enjoy building sand castles. While I walk up and down the shoreline, fetch water for their construction work, make sure they are fed and hydrated from time to time. And then after they are done with their labor we sit down and enjoy the waves, cuddle and giggle and snuggle and jiggle. We’ve finally reaped some CA state tax benefits this year. CA beaches are just as good to enjoy the day as Hawai’i. But for the temperature of the water and the non existent coconut trees.

Our Sunday was special too. We had one of my work friends join us for lunch and chats. We all enjoy his company. It’s been nice to catch up with him from time to time during this pandemic. Menu was Pav Bhaji and cupcakes. Cupcakes were special since today is Nanu’s birthday. So we wished him a happy 74th and Tara blew the candle for him. May he be happy in whatever cloak he is in. It was just 11years ago that I had celebrated his birthday here in the US. Little did we know it was his last. At least he let me have that opportunity.

In the meanwhile, outside our little bubble, the world is going to dogs. If you read the news it is difficult to make sense of all that’s happening. And yet there is this pretense of everything being normal. Organizations still quote their achievements – look we met our goals. See how invincible we are. Who knows what burnout will look like when this comes to an end.

Agam and I are of the opinion that this pandemic has dire consequences on parents of younger children, since they are having to burn the candle on both sides. And we are concerned about the long term consequences of this entire demographic being burnt out, and eventually ruled out as the resilient torch bearers of teams and organizations at large. But with so much up in the air, there’s no way to find sanity. So we look to nature to calm our senses and cleanse our minds from time to time. Our day trips come in handy.

Agam loves mountains and forests, and I am an ocean crab. For me nature’s might is in its power to overwhelm me with its purity, expanse, and potential. It’s as if the ocean takes over my mind, and I am unable to think about anything but it’s might. I become a small part of this big whole that is so much bigger than me, my mind, my worries and my ego. It’s calming to be in the presence of something so commanding, and know that it won’t judge you in any way. Like a true, almighty. It’s humbling to connect with these overwhelming forces of nature. No project plan keeps the forest contained, and the ocean expanse in check. Nature has a unique way to balance itself.

Anyways – next weekend we will step into August. July has been a turning point month for me in some respects. I want to give momentum to the commitments made in July, and make August as fulfilling.

This pic reminded me of the song from Asli Naqli – Tujhe Jeevan ki dor se baandh liya hai …. Sar aankhon per

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